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President Yoshiro Wakabayashi

Corporate Principle

To propagate the Japanese soul of
"Monozukuri"(manufacturing) to the world
and contribute to the realization of safe,
secure and affluent society


Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has, since its foundation in 1958, contributed to the development of the electronics industry in Japan as an electronics parts maker. Today, we are witnessing the development of information communication technology and the digitalization of electronics progressing at a great pace. It is under these circumstances and times that we at Waka focus our efforts on the technical development in the field of micro waves by looking resolutely forward to the ever-increasing speed and volume of communication. And it is based on our longstanding experience and know-how, established over more than 50 years in the business, that we pursue differentiation through our superior quality and high reliability and earn the preference of our customers.

Japanese enterprises nowadays are faced with radical changes outside of Japan, such as the accelerating trend of shifting manufacturing business overseas and the expansion in the market shares of companies in emerging countries. In order to survive through these changes, we are urged to undertake fundamental and structural reforms. In these circumstances, Waka is also promoting thoroughly a globalized framework for sales and production as well as reinforcing its management system.

Waka is committed to scrupulously and meticulously accommodating the unique needs of our customers worldwide while maintaining the traditions and techniques of our Japanese manufacturing. With “propagating the Japanese soul of "Monozukuri"(manufacturing) to the world” as our goal, Waka, as an eco-friendly company devoted to social contributions, pursues evolution and growth toward a brighter future society.

We ask you kindly for your continuing support and encour-agement.

President Yoshinosuke Wakabayashi

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